What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?

With all the changes that have been introduced to visas in the last years, it could be challenging for those looking to travel to Saudi Arabia. This post will go over everything including the kind of visa required to enter Saudi Arabia , and how to get it approved via a port-of-entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for commercial and business for commercial and business

The most widely used and simple visa type to Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. This visa permits people to visit Saudi Arabia for their business or organization, provided they’ve been invited by someone who is already conducting business within the Saudi Arabian market. The application process can be completed on the internet at any time prior to the date of departure as that you fulfill certain criteria such as having sufficient money in the bank with one specific firm which will be able to provide you with funds upon your arrival within the country of your choice.

If a customer wants to bring their family and friends along for an event they must first scan through the doors and wait in a patient manner while the office is going about its business. It could take one month, and other times three! Once your plans have been accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices, there won’t be any surprises when you mail out invitations. It will be only excitement of a special person who will join your family.

2. Visit to Work Visit

Be aware that a business visa is only given by the US employer. You will not receive the compensation you would receive from Saudi hosts. If they think this could be an issue, be sure the application for visitor permission has been submitted. But keep in mind that the application is going through the same procedures as other applications so you can expect some slight changes when dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Government Visa

The third most frequent and simplest visa to obtain is a government-sponsored one. It is possible to obtain this kind of permit by interacting with representatives of Saudi Arabian government agencies or their affiliates at the embassy. However, you will require less documentation for this kind of sponsorship. The approval typically comes within 1-2 business days and is completely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

A family visit visa is extremely difficult to obtain because it requires documentation to establish your relationship with the person you are visiting. For grandparents who are visiting, you will need birth certificates or marriage certificates. It is even more important to establish a relationship between you and the customer.

5. Residence Visa

The residence visa is intended for those looking to relocate or settle in KSA. This type of immigration paper is only available through the Ministry of Interior. It’s directly linked to your Iqama Card, so you’ll need an employment permit. They will send you an invitation in yellow. But, it’s crucial to read the whole issue.

6. Work Visa

Getting a work visa in Saudi Arabia is not an simple task. The most difficult visa is the one that requires that you work for your employer and to receive benefits. This is only possible when the employer is able to offer direct hiring. In most cases you will have to search through various recruiting firms before even being considered for a job with one company.

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